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Twice Baked Potatoes

We had these for dinner earlier this week and they were delicious! Hope you like the recipe. Next time I want to make some fancy baked potatoes with pesto, sausage, brie, fresh basil, and sun dried tomatoes. My mouth is already watering at the thought.


2 big potatoes

1 bulb of baked garlic (here’s how)

½ cup sour cream

1 tsp chives (dried or fresh)

4 pieces of crispy bacon

¼ cup ham

½ cup cheese (use your favorite! I recommend spicy jack)

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare potatoes for baking by scrubbing them clean, rubbing them with a little oil and poke a few holes around so steam can escape
  2. Bake potatoes in oven at 400 degrees for one hour so they soften
  3. In a separate bowl mix 4 of the baked garlic cloves, sour cream, chives, bacon, ham, cheese and salt and pepper
  4. Hollow out the potatoes and mix the insides with the rest of the ingredients
  5. Stuff hollowed out potatoes to bursting
  6. Bake for the second time in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes

Enjoy! But beware because they’re hot.

Before the Massacre

The Aftermath


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Baked Garlic



As many bulbs of garlic as you want

Olive Oil


  1. Cut the tips off the garlic cloves.
  2. Drizzle olive oil over top of bulbs
  3. Wrap in foil and bake in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes
  4. Enjoy the extra garlicy and delicious scent as it wafts through your home and your neighbors become jealous of your culinary skills.

Let cool and then spread all over delicious bread, brie and crackers, or use in yummy recipes such as the twice baked potatoes I’m about to post.

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I created a new banner today using Photoshop. I’m very pleased with how it turned out since I’m not exactly skilled at using the program.

So I’ve had my etsy Tenacious Textile’s shop for almost a year (at the end of March) and have yet to do much of anything with it. This week I’m going to revamp it-add my new banner, put in shop policies, and load some items up! I’m very excited by the idea of making money at something I enjoy doing.

And because June asked for it, here is the Scaredy Sugar Glider. Love him. He needs a good home.

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Dangle Buddies

Love Me!

This last weekend has been one of creation! My first line of Dangle Buddies is almost ready to go. There will be five adorable animals within the first collection made from felt and embroidered from the heart. The pic. depicts Angry Squidee and Cheeky Chickadoodle. The rest of the bunch includes Pretty Hedgepiggy, Sophisticated Mr. Penguino, and Scaredy Sugar Glider. Hang them off rear view mirrors, knobs, cellphones, purses, mobiles–anything you can think of!

The hubby and I were driving over to a used bookstore this weekend and I noticed my Angry Squidee (the original) was on the floor instead of on my headlight shifter stick doodle thingy (the thing that sticks out from the steering wheel and turns the lights on and off). Being the amazing and inspiring man he is, he told me I should make them for my etsy site! The original Angry Squidee was made at a high school sewing party likeeee 5-6 years ago I think? Doesn’t he just look like “hey now, don’t be stealing this car or I’ll ink you!”

I love felt! The colors!

Gratuitous Felt Photo

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Opened Up

Outside of Case

This is a DS lite case I made and have had floating around my apartment for the past year, but haven’t been too sure whether I should try and sell it. I’m working on a refined, more professional and finished one. This one is crafted out of felt with interfacing for reinforcement along the inside and embellished with some lovely embroidery.

I love penguins! I made one like this for my brother, only it’s embellished with a cute fox. ^_^

I would like to make this type of fabric DS lite case a staple in my etsy shop. There are lots of DS cases in target and the like stores, but they are bulkier and not very cute. Because it’s just made out of fabric it’s lighter weight, slimmer for carrying in a purse, much more attractive (in my opinion), and it keeps it safe from getting scratched up by my cell phone/keys/lipgloss when it’s floating around in my bag. I’m also torn between keeping it as just a case, where if you want to use the DS you have to remove it, or instead including cut outs over the direction pad and buttons so you can use it while it’s in the case. I will have to experiment.

I’ll work on my fabric case and put that one up too, at a later date.

Let me know what you think!

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Happy belated V-day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day yesterday. The hubby and I went down to Petaluma to check out this super cute cafe called the Tea Room Cafe. It was packed! They served delicious looking drinks in super big cups and like six different kinds of eggs benedict (note to self: try making your own with bacon. yum).


Later we broke out our new game: Rummikub (courtesy of one of our wedding guests), and Brenton got ready for a slaughter. 44-22 ^_^ He keeps making fun of how smug I look in this picture.

In the spirit of love I’ve got the song “Lucky” By Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat stuck in my head. I love the quote: Lucky we’re  in love in every way. I’ve got an idea for some wall art using it. More on that when I finally get enough picture frames to make it happen (I’m living cheap until I have a job… and then I’ll still live cheap, but more sylishly).

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A Girl Can Dream

I want it.I loooooooove this old house. My husband and I were walking around downtown Santa Rosa when we came across it. People were obviously living in it, but it also looked like it needed quite a bit of TLC to restore it to its former glory. A good repainting, fresh window glass, that kind of thing. I would love to decorate a sweet vintage house like this. We were guessing who could have lived in such a grand house. Perhaps a mayor? A war hero/general? The wealthy merchant of a burgeoning town? The history of a home can be so fascinating. I want to know!

Do you see this creepy front yard it has? Awesome! I love that lonely fountain–makes me think Victorian Sanitarium, not that I would want a part of my house to look like a Victorian Sanitarium. If I lived here the front yard would be all garden. In the spring bulbs would shoot forth and in the summer the sweet intoxicating scent of gardenias would greet our guests as we have fresh squeezed lemonade at the wrought iron garden set and our corgi-pup Rupert plays in the grass. *sigh* A girl can dream right?

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