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We drove into San Francisco to try and hit 21st Amendment Brewing and do some sightseeing, but our best laid plans were foiled. There was a baseball game that day it turns out, and the brewery is right in front of the stadium. There was absolutely no parking for miles. We went to Japantown to find a New Years Tiger figurine, but I didn’t find any! While there we had food at one of the restaurants in the indoor mall. We sadly didn’t find any curry bread. We tried to get to the docks to see sea lions and it was too packed… We decided to cut our losses and just hit some of the other breweries outside of the city.

Our first stop was Moylan’s Brewery in Novato, CA:

Our waitress was very knowledgeable about their brews and obviously enjoyed beer, which is always a plus when visiting a brewery. There’s nothing worse than a waitress, who works at a brewery, that has no idea about beer. I got the Pomegranate Wheat which was fruity and scrumptious. The Hopsickle Imperial ale is a delicious triple IPA and the Kilt Lifter is a decent stout ale.

Moylan’s has really good food. Their Hawaiian pizza is probably the best we’ve ever had, and we get it everywhere we go. It came with ham, little bacon bits, pineapple, and sliced up insanely hot peppers. Their onion rings are also very tasty.

Fun facts from their website about the brewery:

Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant, Novato’s only brewpub, was $3.5 million project that has established a strong following among North Marin’s beer connoisseurs. Moylan’s features a 57 foot long bar, a dart room with a fireplace and a reading library featuring brewing books and magazines from Brendan’s personal collection. When Moylan co-founded Marin Brewing Company back in 1989 there were only about a 100 brewpubs across the country. Today, there are more than 2000.

It all seemed to fit, “he said. “I decided to go for this spot and build my own building because I knew I wouldn’t have to second guess myself. “I could have put in pool tables and turned it into just a bar, but I preferred it this way because Moylan’s is more of a family-style gathering place where people feel comfortable. It’s a nice blend of good food and good beer. “We are a family restaurant where it’s okay to bring the kids. You can come here to hang out with your friends or meet new friends. You can play darts, watch some sports, or enjoy our outside beer garden”.

Next stop on our way home was at Lagunitas Brewing Co. in Petaluma:

Lagunitas is a fun little brew spot to just chill with friends. It has a big beer garden with long picnic tables set up. You can bring your dog, throw back a pint, and enjoy the day. They bring complementary peanuts and pretzels which is awesome, although when we were here with my brother we accidentally told them we didn’t want any food, but what we meant was we didn’t want to order a sandwich. Oops.

My dad is partial to Hop Stoopid, but their Maximus is also a pretty good IPA.


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Now introducing 3rd Street Ale Works:

Our second stop was at Third Street Ale Works in Santa Rosa. They brew a ton of beers and offer sampler flights of all the ones they have on tap for a good deal. I’m partial to their fruity beers (usually seasonal), but their Stonefly Oatmeal Stout is pretty good as well. I enjoy the beers at the outskirts of flavor: the hoppy, the stouty, the fruity, and the full-bodied wheat thrown in for good measure. Not such a fan of the lagers and lighter beers, which 3rd St. seems to specialize in.

We like to go for $2.50 beer and brats night on Tuesdays, but I always feel like a traitor when we go there instead of Russian River Brewery.

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My brother Danny came up to visit a few weeks ago and we hit a TON of breweries in the area. It was really nice to see my bro, get to hang out, and drink some fantastic beer. We tried to get Brenton’s little brother to come up (and be our designated driver), but I think he saw right through our ploy.

First stop is Russian River Brewery in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa.

Home of Pliny the Elder

This first picture is of me and my broseph. The second one is of the hubs and me being silly. ^_^

This is our favorite brewery, pretty much ever. Back home in Southern California you can sometimes find Pliny the Elder (a beer–not to be confused with the man) on tap at certain breweries, but then it’s only a 10 ounce glass and it’s the price of a pint. At their brewery up here you can get a whole 16ounces of it, and if you are a member of The Beer Association like we are, you can get it for happy hour prices. That’s right, 3.25 for an entire pint of hoppy fresh nectar of the brewing gods.

Anyways. We got the taster flight of all of their beers, except two which they were out of. Sixteen in total, all of which are scrumptious. Brenton and I have yet to get a beer from them that isn’t delicious. Paired with the flight we got the Beer Bites which are pretty much a super cheesy, garlicy pizza that is then chopped up into bite sized pieces. We’re starting to become something of regulars here. There is one server who recognizes us and doesn’t card us (Brenton always gets really excited by this).

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