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Pie is delicious. Need I say more? The best pie, in my opinion, would have to be boysenberry.

A boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry, and a loganberry. Quite frankly, it has the best of each and forms a “super” berry.

My family has always grown our own boysenberries. My great grandma used to grow them in her back yard in LA, and when she moved my mom and dad dug them up and brought them to our property. My mom makes jam out of them every year. The best jam. Since I moved to Northern California I missed out on boysenberry season. No picking, no baking, no eating. Sadness. Luckily when  my brother came up he brought me fresh berries!

I love berry pie, but the hubs only really likes apple, so I decided to compromise and make half of each. I tried to separate the two by forming a pie crust dam, but the berry juice was too much for it and some leaked through while baking.



See how the apples became a lovely maroon color? Didn’t take away from the yumminess though, luckily. Especially when served with ice cream.


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