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Last weekend my brother-in-law came up and we had fun going out to Petaluma and doing some fall activities.


The Terrifying Corn Maze of Death!


Our first stop was to the 4 Acre A’mazing Corn Maze. Not actually a Corn Maze of Death, but it was surprisingly hard. There was only one way in and one way out. We scoffed when the lady selling tickets asked if we wanted the map for a dollar extra. I think we ended up wandering through it for around 45 minutes. We finally ended up just picking a direction and always following it. We made all right turns and finally came to the end. Phew!

Then it was off to the Peter Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill Cheese Company, where we dug up our own potatoes! Which are mighty delicious.You could also harvest your own pumpkin, pet some of the livestock, and milk cows. We also had the pleasure of trying their cheeses, and went home with a delectable Garlic Jack.

Y'all come back now!



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Today was hiking day at another of Northern California’s idyllic parks. “It is 60 miles north of San Francisco on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa, and offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and trail riding.” So says the Annadel State Park website . We only hiked about 4 miles of it, and the Cobblestone Trail and the Orchard Loop weren’t too strenuous. We saw a bunch of mountain bikers, which does look strenuous. Oh man. How do they not eat dirt every time going downhill?

We’re going to come back in the spring time to see all the wildflowers in bloom. Wouldn’t that meadow be beautiful?

The weather was very cool. It even rained a little bit. I keep forgetting it’s October already. Sorry blog. I should really update you more.

The husband likes to wear his tall socks when we go hiking because “they keep the burrs out.”

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