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Project #12 – Blouse Altering

Last weekend I went on a bit of a thrift store clothing binge.

I have a sorely out-dated wardrobe, I am too cheap to buy new, and I also want to practice my sewing skills and learn how to alter clothing to fit me better. Quite seriously, I have clothing in my closet from eighth grade (albeit only one or two items, but I have more from freshman-senior year of high school).

Anyways. Here’s this giant yet girly shirt I bought.

I’ve been really digging the salmon and coral colors, and I thought the ruffley sleeves and braided neck details were cute. The bodice hit right on, except that it was about three sizes too wide.

I needed to take it in about two inches on each side.

I took the seams out down to the bodice ties and pulled them out so I wouldn’t accidentally sew them into my new seam. I wanted to make sure those stayed functional. Then I measure and sewed along the seam keeping the curve of the shirt the same.

Then I flipped it inside out, made sure the fit was right, and then I cut new slits for the drawstrings and pulled them through to the right side.

And that’s it! Super easy and now perfectly fitted!


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I’ve actually had this one done for a while, but have been so swamped with work I haven’t had time to post it.¬† I am a flower-holic. Even now I am plotting how to add flower embellishments to a t-shirt I got at the thrift store to re-fashion.


Here’s the cute felt poppy I made using this tutorial from The Wishing Elephant. They are super easy to put together and look really cute on a headband. I just used a length of grosgrain ribbon I had around and a little piece of 1/4″ elastic at the bottom to make it a stretchy band. I’ll definitely be wearing this as the season changes into Fall and Halloween approaches.

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Over the long weekend the hubby and I went off on a hike at the Armstrong Redwoods. I cannot get enough of those big trees.

We think we did about 5.5 miles from the lot, all the way up the super steep Pool Ridge Trail and back down. You start out on the bottom floor walking through the redwoods. We went early so it was just us and the trees. It smelled like Christmas and was so quiet and peaceful. Right when the Pool Ridge Trail starts you start going uphill. There are lots of scenic overlooks like the one above, and the trail was well-maintained and pretty even. The first half was pretty strenuous (that or I’m woefully out of shape), but I was actually freezing for most of it because the fog stayed in.

See. This is the view from the top of the hill. All fog.

Once you reach the top you can either double back, go deeper into the park, or take the “paved” road down. We took the paved road and saw lots of wildflowers in the grassy areas around it.

Amaryllis Belladonna

These have been popping up all over Sonoma County in pretty pink clusters.

Sweet Peas

 Sweet Peas are some of my favorite wildflowers and these hot pink ones were so cheerful! The ones we have down in San Diego are light pink and give off a strong sweet fragrance.

All-in-all a very good hike!

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