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I love all things banners! This one is the first I’ve ever actually made, despite all my plans for all sorts of holiday/birthday buntings.

I stumbled across this tutorial at Ginger & George for a cute Halloween Ghostie Garland and gave it my own artistic spin.

Aren’t they cutie-pies?

All you need is some white cardstock and any colored pencils, crayons, or markers you have hanging around. I used two sheets of cardstock with six ghosts on each sheet, and colored pencils.

There is a three-way tie for my heart between Shakespeare Ghost, Drunk Ghost, and Sheriff Ghost.

Check out the template at the Ginger & George site or just wing it! I liked freehanding the ghosts so they are all slightly different shaped (aka I can’t draw non-crooked shapes).


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Darn commercial patterns and their ridiculous amounts of ease!!! If I wanted to wear a sack all I’d need is a rectangle of fabric and straight side seams. There is nothing less fun than spending the time to fit a pattern with tissue and then sewing the real thing and learning that despite your best efforts it still is huge (and apparently you need to work on your tissue fitting skills). I decided to go ahead and do as the internet says and go down a size, which worked, almost magically.

McCall's M5972

I have been trying to make a muslin of the bodice from this pattern, so I could pair it with a feminine circle skirt. I got it, and a number of others, during a $1 pattern sale at JoAnn’s. I have been on a fifties dresses kick lately and would probably give up a quarter of my soul for a closet full of full-skirted, high-waisted, brightly colored dresses.


Well, by going down a size I was able to get the boobs to finally fit, the armscythe seems fine though I wouldn’t mind a little more room, but the front neckline still wants to gape. If I push it flatĀ  it looks great and the shoulders look fitted, but once I start moving it pouches out again. I will have to do some more research. I really want to take a class on fitting patterns/tailoring and get some hands on help with what the heck I’m doing wrong. Right now I feel like I should just stick with sewing skirts and miscellaneous home decor and quilting projects.

Ho hum.

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