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Project #12 – Blouse Altering

Last weekend I went on a bit of a thrift store clothing binge.

I have a sorely out-dated wardrobe, I am too cheap to buy new, and I also want to practice my sewing skills and learn how to alter clothing to fit me better. Quite seriously, I have clothing in my closet from eighth grade (albeit only one or two items, but I have more from freshman-senior year of high school).

Anyways. Here’s this giant yet girly shirt I bought.

I’ve been really digging the salmon and coral colors, and I thought the ruffley sleeves and braided neck details were cute. The bodice hit right on, except that it was about three sizes too wide.

I needed to take it in about two inches on each side.

I took the seams out down to the bodice ties and pulled them out so I wouldn’t accidentally sew them into my new seam. I wanted to make sure those stayed functional. Then I measure and sewed along the seam keeping the curve of the shirt the same.

Then I flipped it inside out, made sure the fit was right, and then I cut new slits for the drawstrings and pulled them through to the right side.

And that’s it! Super easy and now perfectly fitted!


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Original Sweater

I love the cut of this sweater and was super bummed when it got a hole in the side.

Not only could I not wear it anymore, but I couldn’t donate it either. So I decided to get crafty.

I’ve been loving reading through Grosgrain’s Embellish Knit Month, and was inspired to make some of my own edits.

First I cut all the way down the center of my sweater and trimmed off the ribbed bottom. Then I moved the ribbing up, thereby getting rid of the dratted hole, and sewed it with the unfinished edges on the outside for a ruffly look. Lastly I took the extra fabric I trimmed off the waist and made some fabric flowers. I’m officially obsessed with how cute and easy they are.

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