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Project #15: Chunky Knit Scarf



While on the loooooooong drive south for the winter I started knitting the above scarf. I wanted something thick and chunky that I could wrap around like a cowl or the infinity scarves that seem to be everywhere right now. I had a skein and a half of a pretty, cream colored fiber and got down to business.

I just used a really simple pattern from Ravelry.com called the Weekend Scarf and knit along to Harry Potter audiobooks (Now the husband wants me to knit him some scarves in the house colors : ).

Ignore the tail that hasn't been woven in.

I really like the color and warmth of the scarf, but it’s super scratchy. I wasn’t sure what the fiber was because it was a gift from a friend, but guessing by the itchiness it’s wool. At least it’s warm!


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My Kind of Group

You know what would be awesome? If I could find a knitting circle that would want to meet during happy hour. I would rather pay $3-$4 for a beer than for a latte. I live really close to North Lightbooks & Cafe and they have a Thursday night happy hour. It’s a cozy little (and I mean tiny) cafe/bookstore with beer on tap! I think it would be super fun to hang out, knit, and get to know new people over a beer and a shared interest. Now to just find some like-minded individuals living near me.

Maybe I’ll just take the Yarn Harlot’s advice and sit at a table in the store, enjoying a beer and my knitting, and wait to see if anybody takes the bait. ^_^

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