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Today I’ve got an easy project that only requires three ingredients: a tin of any shape or size, some mod podge, and some eye-catching scrapbook paper.

I happen to have a number of cocoa tins hanging around at home and at work, that I use as pen and clipy containers. Bored with looking at the branding day in and day out, I broke out my mod podge and got to work crafting something girly and fun to brighten up my work space. If I have to spend eight hours a day in one place I may as well make it mine!

First you’ll want to wrap the paper around the tin to see how much you need to trim off.  Make sure to leave about a 1/2″-1″ at the top to wrap over the top edge. With this size tin a regular sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper won’t fit all the way around, and will leave a strip of tin peeking through. I like to simply cut around the design on the excess paper I trimmed off, and then paste this over the space, thereby creating a focal piece for the front of the container.

Cut out your paper and glue it down by painting on the mod podge and holding the paper in place. It should set fairly quickly. At the top where the sides come together, cut a slit down the corners so the paper can be folded easily over the lip. Glue this down as well. Cut out your extra strip or design and attach and then apply a coat or two of the mod podge to help protect it from grime and water.

Now you should have a perfectly tailored tin to hold whatever items you need!


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I love all things banners! This one is the first I’ve ever actually made, despite all my plans for all sorts of holiday/birthday buntings.

I stumbled across this tutorial at Ginger & George for a cute Halloween Ghostie Garland and gave it my own artistic spin.

Aren’t they cutie-pies?

All you need is some white cardstock and any colored pencils, crayons, or markers you have hanging around. I used two sheets of cardstock with six ghosts on each sheet, and colored pencils.

There is a three-way tie for my heart between Shakespeare Ghost, Drunk Ghost, and Sheriff Ghost.

Check out the template at the Ginger & George site or just wing it! I liked freehanding the ghosts so they are all slightly different shaped (aka I can’t draw non-crooked shapes).

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Can’t get enough of milk jars but unsure of what to use them for?

Break out the tissue paper and go for a stroll to gather some fun shaped sticks and whip this project up.

I had some leftover tissue paper from past birthdays (Avast no hot pinks, yellow or salmon. I was feeling hot pinks, yellow and salmon.), so I went with the aqua tones. All you need to do is make up some flowers in varying sizes and tie or glue them onto fun or fancy shaped sticks. Add some decorative stones or sand to the jar for extra color if desired, and voila! A simple centerpiece.

While I like the idea, I’m not too fond of how mine turned out. Maybe it’s just the colors I’m not digging, or maybe straighter sticks? I’ll have to experiment.

In case you wanted to know how to make full-petaled flowers:

Cut out four rectangles of tissue paper and layer one on top of each. Then fold the shorter side like an accordion the length of the papers. Next tie a string around the center pulling it tight so it puckers a bit. You’ll want to not snip the tails of the string so you can tie them onto the twigs.

Then cut the ends of the accordion into either spikes like I did, or a scallop shape. Start unfolding the petals starting in the middle to form a fluffy, full-bodied flower.

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