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I love all things banners! This one is the first I’ve ever actually made, despite all my plans for all sorts of holiday/birthday buntings.

I stumbled across this tutorial at Ginger & George for a cute Halloween Ghostie Garland and gave it my own artistic spin.

Aren’t they cutie-pies?

All you need is some white cardstock and any colored pencils, crayons, or markers you have hanging around. I used two sheets of cardstock with six ghosts on each sheet, and colored pencils.

There is a three-way tie for my heart between Shakespeare Ghost, Drunk Ghost, and Sheriff Ghost.

Check out the template at the Ginger & George site or just wing it! I liked freehanding the ghosts so they are all slightly different shaped (aka I can’t draw non-crooked shapes).


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The hubs and I have been on a backgammon kick recently. We’ve been able to play on the xbox 360 when we’re at home, but we really wanted a travel set to take out to the brewery or the park. Rather than shell out $20-30 bucks for one of those silly briefcases, we decided to make our own! Mine being the cute, quilted, girly one and his the butch canvas one.

All set up and ready to play.

Doesn’t it make you think of summer time and watermelon? Two of my favorite things!

Most of the work was cutting out the little triangles or “pips”. On the up-side I’m getting a lot better with my rotary cutter! Yay for practice and fun creations! Anyways, back to the construction notes. The pips were attached with double sided interfacing–the kind you use for applique work. Then I got to do some fun wavy quilting and attach the binding. The ribbons are sewn under the binding and worked great for ties.

All rolled up.

I can’t get enough of cute packaging!

The next time I make one of these I’m going to try and figure out how to attach a pocket for the pieces and dice to go. As it is I’ll have to carry them in a separate bag. I think what I’ll do is sew a basic pouch and make the open end have a flap with a velcro closure. Then, after all the quilting is done and I’m ready to start the binding, I can sew it along one of the short sides and fold the binding over it for extra stability. I’ll have to sew it on the edge opposite the ribbon closures, but then it will be able to roll up neatly inside! (too excited…need fabric and rotary cutter…stat)

Now for my husband’s take on the classic game:


He cut and sewed it all by himself. I’m so proud! He has learned the frustrations (and possibly the fun) of the rotary cutter, the iron, the ruler, and the sewing machine. We’ll see what sewing adventures the future holds for him.

On a final note, I would love to make these and sell them on etsy, but I’d have to get a lot faster. It took me a whole day to make just one, probably because I was being too precise with the measuring and the cutting. But I would rather measure three times and cut once than measure once and cry the rest of the day.

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Pie is delicious. Need I say more? The best pie, in my opinion, would have to be boysenberry.

A boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry, and a loganberry. Quite frankly, it has the best of each and forms a “super” berry.

My family has always grown our own boysenberries. My great grandma used to grow them in her back yard in LA, and when she moved my mom and dad dug them up and brought them to our property. My mom makes jam out of them every year. The best jam. Since I moved to Northern California I missed out on boysenberry season. No picking, no baking, no eating. Sadness. Luckily when  my brother came up he brought me fresh berries!

I love berry pie, but the hubs only really likes apple, so I decided to compromise and make half of each. I tried to separate the two by forming a pie crust dam, but the berry juice was too much for it and some leaked through while baking.



See how the apples became a lovely maroon color? Didn’t take away from the yumminess though, luckily. Especially when served with ice cream.

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