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Beach Day

This weekend the Hubby and I had a fun and eventful day out and about. We decided we’d drive down to Bodega Bay and see if the seals had had their pups yet. It’s a forty minute to an hour long drive to the coast. It’s a very beautiful scenic route through cute little towns, so the drive is well worth the time it takes.

I had heard that there was a cute bread place about halfway there so we packed up a giant thermos of coffee and started out on the road. We missed the turn to the bread place (didn’t even notice) and were within two miles of the coast when we hit a pot hole and suddenly my coffee was running scalding down my crotch (pardon the somewhat vulgar term). It was hot. It was everywhere. It looked like I had super pee’d my pants. And we were forty five minutes from home.

So we decided to backtrack to one of the towns and found a goodwill. They had absolutely no pants that would fit, but I found a cute grey sweater dress that I could wear long to cover up the coffee stains. Onward to the bread place!

We got to the bread place and avast they only took cash! We had three dollars to our name and the cheapest menu item was a scone for $3.50. We drove on as our hunger mounted beyond what we thought possible.

We then came to a super small town with a cafe and about 30 bikers all parked for lunch. FOOD FINALLY. And a damn fine raisin cinnamon roll it was.

We avoided the pot hole the second time around and made it to the beach. The seals were there still and we got to see one cute pup! Not to mention this happy fellow. I love these big squishy guys!


There were a bunch of starfish on the beach this time too. They were a different texture than I would have thought. They felt the way sugar feels when it’s hardened on something squishy like jello or pound cake.

After the beach we took a scenic route through a ton of big wineries into Healdsburg where we got beer and yummy garlic parmesan fries at Bear Republic Brewery. Delish!

Bears Love Beer Obviously


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Roses For Me

My parents came up to visit this weekend and brought me roses! They understand my love of fresh flowers. Runs in the family and goes hand in hand with running a nursery.

Artsy Photo

We spent the weekend driving the countryside. Bodega Bay was beautiful and full of turmoil. Because of the earthquake they were predicting 10 foot waves up my way and there was a tsunami warning for Hawaii. Scary! I have 14 family members who live in Hawaii so my mom was calling to find out how things were. No problems though!

Mom and Pop

There is a spot up the coast called Goat Rock and on the beach were all these seals! Every March the seals come in to the beach to have their pups. I’m hoping to return later in the month to hopefully see some adorable and wiggly baby seals. I love how they lay on their backs. Such cuteness is irresistible. Needless to say, not much sewing work was done this weekend. But I did list stuff on my etsy site finally!

*insert cute seal noises*

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