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I’ve actually had this one done for a while, but have been so swamped with work I haven’t had time to post it.  I am a flower-holic. Even now I am plotting how to add flower embellishments to a t-shirt I got at the thrift store to re-fashion.


Here’s the cute felt poppy I made using this tutorial from The Wishing Elephant. They are super easy to put together and look really cute on a headband. I just used a length of grosgrain ribbon I had around and a little piece of 1/4″ elastic at the bottom to make it a stretchy band. I’ll definitely be wearing this as the season changes into Fall and Halloween approaches.


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Isn’t she just super sweet? Look at those lusciously long eyelashes. She’ll make a whimsical addition to my future etsy shop!

In other news, I’m thinking of setting up a stitch-onary tab and detailing some of the embroidery stitches I use with pictures. I’ve been trying to work on my photography too, but it turns out I can’t change the aperture values on my digital camera. I scoured my booklet and messed around with all the settings. I can make it either take a regular photo or blur the whole image, but not focus in on a detail. Blarghhhhhh!!! My next camera will be much fancier than just a point and click.

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I created a new banner today using Photoshop. I’m very pleased with how it turned out since I’m not exactly skilled at using the program.

So I’ve had my etsy Tenacious Textile’s shop for almost a year (at the end of March) and have yet to do much of anything with it. This week I’m going to revamp it-add my new banner, put in shop policies, and load some items up! I’m very excited by the idea of making money at something I enjoy doing.

And because June asked for it, here is the Scaredy Sugar Glider. Love him. He needs a good home.

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Dangle Buddies

Love Me!

This last weekend has been one of creation! My first line of Dangle Buddies is almost ready to go. There will be five adorable animals within the first collection made from felt and embroidered from the heart. The pic. depicts Angry Squidee and Cheeky Chickadoodle. The rest of the bunch includes Pretty Hedgepiggy, Sophisticated Mr. Penguino, and Scaredy Sugar Glider. Hang them off rear view mirrors, knobs, cellphones, purses, mobiles–anything you can think of!

The hubby and I were driving over to a used bookstore this weekend and I noticed my Angry Squidee (the original) was on the floor instead of on my headlight shifter stick doodle thingy (the thing that sticks out from the steering wheel and turns the lights on and off). Being the amazing and inspiring man he is, he told me I should make them for my etsy site! The original Angry Squidee was made at a high school sewing party likeeee 5-6 years ago I think? Doesn’t he just look like “hey now, don’t be stealing this car or I’ll ink you!”

I love felt! The colors!

Gratuitous Felt Photo

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Opened Up

Outside of Case

This is a DS lite case I made and have had floating around my apartment for the past year, but haven’t been too sure whether I should try and sell it. I’m working on a refined, more professional and finished one. This one is crafted out of felt with interfacing for reinforcement along the inside and embellished with some lovely embroidery.

I love penguins! I made one like this for my brother, only it’s embellished with a cute fox. ^_^

I would like to make this type of fabric DS lite case a staple in my etsy shop. There are lots of DS cases in target and the like stores, but they are bulkier and not very cute. Because it’s just made out of fabric it’s lighter weight, slimmer for carrying in a purse, much more attractive (in my opinion), and it keeps it safe from getting scratched up by my cell phone/keys/lipgloss when it’s floating around in my bag. I’m also torn between keeping it as just a case, where if you want to use the DS you have to remove it, or instead including cut outs over the direction pad and buttons so you can use it while it’s in the case. I will have to experiment.

I’ll work on my fabric case and put that one up too, at a later date.

Let me know what you think!

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