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I’ve actually been very productive in 2012 so far. Not that you would know it from my lack of blogging *cough*. I’ve decided to focus on getting the miscellaneous or already begun projects done. This has included a bunch of mending, hemming a skirt, and working on a t-shirt revamp (photos later).

Sewing Swag

Santa/my family was generous this Christmas and I got a lot of sweet sewing stuff! This year I want to learn how to fit patterns so I can start making dresses that actually fit me, so  I got a couple of fun books to help!

I had heard that The Perfect Fit was a great book for fixing all kinds of fitting problems. It’s got tons of photos of common issues and how to fix them like swaybacks, necklines, bust adjustments, etc… It’s a little hard to ignore the ridiculously dated photos, but they don’t affect the actual techniques.

I also received The Party Dress based off the rave reviews I’d seen online (didn’t have a chance to check it out in person as B&N didn’t carry it). It seems like the kind of book that would be best enjoyed with a friend, as the technique it uses for drafting the dress patterns requires multiple hands. I think some of the content will come in handy down the line, but for now it’s just fun reading. Guess I’ll have to give up my hermitage and make some sewing friends huh?

In the family nursery with husband and cat.

For Christmas and New Years the hubs and I went down to Southern California where all our family is. It was a great vacation filled with family, board games, beer drinking, and beach outings!

San Clemente, CA

As for other goals of 2012, I’ve decreed that it shall be year of the corgi!


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Coming Home

It’s been over a year since I started this blog, and it’s time to freshen up this place and get back to the important things. Life has inevitably gotten in the way of my personal ambitions, but I’m ready to set myself some goals that may be challenging, but would be so rewarding to complete.

Goal 1: Get back to the blogosphere. Post weekly about my projects and inspirations.

Goal 2: Start creating! Commit myself to completing a project a week. (This will be the challenging goal thanks to my 40 hour work week, the commute, and my adorable yet diverting husband. ^_^)

Goal 3: Plot out my product list for Tenacious Textiles and work on designs.

Goal 4: Learn how to take better pictures for my products. Time to test out all those camera settings!

Goal 5: Hone my sewing skills and add to my knowledge.

Goal 6: Have more confidence in my abilities and designs, and don’t give up so easily.

It would be a major accomplishment to get the shop up and running and fully stocked this year. It’ll take more than just keeping my fingers crossed, but I think I’m up for the challenge.

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